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Where do I even begin? For the last couple of months, shoot probably for the last couple of years I have found myself asking this question quite often. For some time now there have been several things I have wanted to accomplish; from starting my own clothing line, to losing weight and being healthy, to just being social and I honestly never know where to begin or I guess I should say ‘properly’ begin. On the surface those goals aren’t really hard, right? You want to lose weight and be healthy? That’s great, all you have to do is eat less and workout more. You want to be more social? Go out and make some friends. You want to start a clothing line? Just start making clothes. But the reality is goals are hard. If they weren’t they wouldn’t be goals but things we simply do everyday.

I have always been the girl burning the candle at both ends. From being in school full time, working full time, and tying to start a business I just had faith that everything would work out in the end but instead I just ended up burned out.

Like most, I always believe that the new year is going to be my year. Despite the obvious pattern of it never turning out that way, I always have hope that it will. And why would’t I? I had become one of those people who waited all week for the weekend and dreaded Sundays because Monday was right around the corner. So why wouldn’t a new year bring new change? When 2019 was coming to an end I just knew things were going to be different in 2020. I had just graduated and I know I was going to find not just a job in my field but a career in it. I was going to thrive and get rid of bad habits and gain only good ones. I was going to become the best version of myself, I just knew it.

2020 finally rolled around and though this year has been hard for most, for me unfortunately nothing really changed. Yes, I found a job, but it is not in either of my fields of studies. I have a set schedule that barley allows for a life outside of work. I am still living paycheck to paycheck and am always stressed because I feel like my life is going absolutely no where. So as 2020 is coming to a quick end I have been putting things in motion so that 2021 will be the beginning of great change and growth. Instead of waiting for things to happen and for opportunities to come I am going to create my own opportunities and make things happen.

So join me on my new journey of creating my best self because there’s no turning back from here.

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